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30-Jun-2015 | “Best Green Shipping Line” for the fourth time
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23-Apr-2015 | Hamburg Süd 2014: Setting the course for the future
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15-Apr-2015 | Alianҫa’s cabotage fleet continues to grow
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31-Mar-2015 | Hamburg Süd closes takeover of CCNI´s container liner activities ...more
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27-Mar-2015 | Third ship in the “San” class christened in Montevideo ...more
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27-Mar-2015 | Hamburg Süd and CCNI sign Sale and Purchase Agreement ...more
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25-Sep-2015 | Revised Sailing Schedule: Pacific Coast to West Coast of South America Service ...more

24-Jul-2015 | Cargo Receipt - U.S. Gulf to South America Service ...more

13-Jul-2015 | United States / Canada West Coast to Australia/New Zealand: “Cap Blanche” Voyage 930nb/934sb ...more

25-Jun-2015 | United States East Coast to Colombia & West Coast of South America Service ...more

25-Jun-2015 | Pacific Coast to North Europe, Mediterranean and South America Service ...more

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