Welcome to our Regional Information from United States & Canada

Hamburg Süd entered the North America market over 50 years ago under the regional Columbus Line brand, with service between the east coasts of North and South America. Soon thereafter, we pioneered fully cellular containerized service between Australia/New Zealand and North America using a fleet of our own custom-design conair-equipped vessels to open the modern meat trade between the two regions.

Today, over a half-century later, operating under the world-wide Hamburg Süd banner, our North American services provide a seamless link to and from major markets worldwide.

  • We have a network of offices and agents throughout the U.S. and at major market centers in Canada
  • They work in concert with our global office network, situated in key market centers in each of the countries we serve. Skilled personnel at both ends of the trade lane know the laws and customs of their respective countries and help assure your shipments move seamlessly across oceans and borders.
  • Our personnel are seasoned veterans. They know and understand the business of shipping and logistics and of your industry. Many have worked in one or more of our overseas offices giving you the benefit of their expertise in solving transport challenges worldwide.
  • We can move your cargoes over all three coasts of North America depending on your specific needs. We also coordinate inland intermodal moves using a network of carefully selected and cost-efficient service providers.
  • Hamburg Süd´s global pool of modern equipment is strategically positioned to meet the seasonal and regional needs of our customers. We continually invest in that inventory to make sure you have the units you need to meet your demanding shipping cycles.
  • Our international office network is interconnected by advanced data communications to assure that your cargo and the critical data associated with it, travels the globe reliably and cost efficiently.

Hamburg Süd North America, Inc. a part of the global Hamburg Süd organization, is committed to providing you reliable, responsive and cost-efficient service.