eCommerce Portfolio

To simplify order handling even further and lower costs, the consolidation of information channels and interfaces in the e-business field is important from our customers’ perspective. Hamburg Süd meets this need with the internet portal INTTRA , which is supported by a large number of leading global shipping companies.

Employing a standardised input mask, the business-to-business portal makes communication between participating shipping companies and their customers far easier. All users can manage the full range of documents within a single, integrated process – even when their order is handled by several different shipping lines.

Services covered by INTTRA:

  • Schedules precise to the minute
  • Track & Trace (container tracking)
  • Booking overviews
  • Recreation of bookings
  • Overview of shipping instructions
  • Submission of new shipping instructions
  • Checking B/L drafts
  • Creating standardised reports for your shipment
  • Track & Trace cargo