“It’s exciting to learn just how much IT is involved in shipping.”
My name is Steven Schroeder. I’m 20 years old, and I started a dual work-study program for a Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics in August 2019.

After finishing high school, why did you opt for the dual work-study program at Hamburg Süd?

I went to school in Elmshorn, a town not far from Hamburg. So I already knew about the NORDAKADEMIE, whose partner training companies include Hamburg Süd. I had already known for a long time that I wanted to pursue an IT-related dual work-study program. And since “IT in shipping” is a very interesting topic, Hamburg Süd is the perfect employer for me.

Has the program lived up to your expectations? What do you especially like about it?

So far, my expectations have even been exceeded! With its staff of roughly 220 people, the IT department is the largest department at Hamburg Süd. Already in the very first weeks, I gained a lot of insights. It’s exciting and sometimes also surprising to learn just how much IT is involved in shipping! I started with the online support department and immediately met a lot of friendly colleagues. What I particularly like is the family-like atmosphere there despite the size of the company and the department. It makes the work – especially as part of a team – a whole lot of fun.

Can you give us a few examples of what you’ve learned over the last year?

So far, I’ve learned a lot about internal processes, such as what I need to keep in mind if the IT infrastructure changes. Specifically, this includes everything you need to do and pay attention to if a computer breaks down and needs to be replaced. I can safely say that this is much more than one might first suspect.

Has there been a moment or experience in which you went beyond what you thought you could do?

Already when working in my first department, I had to deal with incoming problems by myself and come up with solutions without the help of an experienced colleague. I managed to do so even though I hadn’t been in the department or at Hamburg Süd for very long at that point. Things like that make you grow.

Do you have any tips for students who are interested in, but might still be uncertain about this kind of training?

I personally find that career fairs give you a good opportunity to learn about companies and jobs and to forge new contacts. And another way to learn more about a company and draw your own conclusions is via internships. Hamburg Süd is present at many career fairs, and there are almost always apprentices or dual work-study students there, too. They are happy to answer any questions you might have, and they are the people that interested students, specifically, should talk to because they can report on their apprenticeship or dual work-study program.

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