“A try-out day was all it took to convince me!”
My name is Nicole Gründel. I’m 19 years old and in the second year of my dual apprenticeship to become an IT specialist in application development.

Why did you opt for the dual vocational training at Hamburg Süd?

A try-out day at Hamburg Süd was all it took to convince me. I immediately liked the working environment – the tasks, the colleagues, the working conditions. My initial impressions have been confirmed to this day. What’s more, since the IT department at Hamburg Süd is very big, I can gain knowledge of very different fields during my apprenticeship. That’s a genuine advantage as compared to smaller companies.

Has the program lived up to your expectations? What do you especially like about it?

Yes, it has! All my colleagues are friendly and take the time to answer questions and explain how things fit together. I feel I am in good hands, and I notice that I’m gradually gaining a better and better understanding of the company and of the entire industry.

Can you give us a few examples of what you’ve learned over the last year?

I have learned a lot about IT processes and how important it is to for the business and IT sides to work together on finding solutions for our customers. I have also been working on assembling and dismantling hardware and have moreover learned how IT tickets are processed at Hamburg Süd.

Has there been a moment or experience in which you went beyond what you thought you could do?

Absolutely! It’s a great feeling when you realize how you can use the things you have already learned and the new experiences you have gained to find solutions for current problems. We do that a lot in the team here, and it really helps me in making progress.

Do you have any tips for students who are interested in this kind of training, but might still be uncertain?

If you’re still not sure, I can only encourage you to do an internship. It provides more clarity. It also helps in the process of finding out more about the many different possibilities within IT.

I personally really like to listen to podcasts to learn more, such as the one that an apprenticeship trainer makes especially for people training to become app developers. It’s worth listening into.

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