Experience report of shipping agent Charlotte Riesner

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Charlotte Riesner, I’m 19 years young, and I am currently completing my dual vocational training as a shipping agent at Hamburg Süd. I started my training in August 2016 together with four other prospective shipping agents.

Why did you opt for the dual vocational training scheme at Hamburg Süd?

I chose the dual vocational training scheme as shipping agent at Hamburg Süd because, for me, Hamburg Süd combines tradition with modernity. For one thing, as a prospective employee you benefit from Hamburg Süd’s wide experience, and, for another, you’re part of the forward-looking, modern structure within the company. At the same time, Hamburg Süd ranks among the most successful training companies in the Hamburg metropolitan region, which means both fostering and challenging apprentices. It’s hugely important for me both to take on new challenges and be rewarded for particularly good achievements.

Were your expectations met? What did you like especially?

What I particularly like is the diversity of the specialist departments, which provides broad insight into the job of the shipping agent and allows you to discover which fields of work you might find yourself in later. Because trainees work independently in the specialist departments, they are entrusted with a lot of responsibility from the outset. All the colleagues are very helpful and are always available if you have questions. It’s great teamwork!

What have you learned in the last year? Give us a few examples.

  • The path of a container from the port of loading to the port of destination
  • Various types of ships
  • Knowledge about servicing, maintaining, and repairing containers

One final word from you to persuade any still hesitant students to opt for the dual vocational training scheme for shipping agents at Hamburg Süd.

Do you like teamwork and communicating in English, enjoy taking on responsibility, and are thrilled by the port with its ships and containers? All these things are waiting for you at Hamburg Süd! It’s incredibly varied how wide-ranging the transport processes of a product from port of loading to port of destination are.