Frequently asked questions

Internships for secondary-school students

What are the prerequisites for internships for secondary-school students at Hamburg Süd?

We welcome applications from motivated students who are at least in the 10th grade and wish to learn about how a successful international logistics company functions. To gain the best possible insights into our company, your internship should last two weeks.

When should I apply, and which documents do I need to submit?

You should apply about six months in advance. In your cover letter, you should explain why you would like to have an internship at Hamburg Süd. If interested, please submit a resume and your two most recent report cards. Please submit your documents via our applicant portal .

When should I expect to receive a response?

We will get back to you soon after your application has been received to let you know if the internship position will work out. Then we will start planning your placement in various specialised departments, such as Import, Export or IT.

Dual apprenticeships

What are the prerequisites for an apprenticeship?

We expect you to have good German, English and maths skills. In addition, we place much value on communication skills, open-mindedness and a willingness to proactively take on assignments. Applicants for the IT apprenticeships are also expected to have sufficient computer science know-how. A good knowledge of geography is desirable for those applying for the shipping agent apprenticeships.

When can I start my apprenticeship?

Our apprenticeships typically begin on the first of August each year. The apprenticeships to become shipping agents or IT specialists can also start on 1 February.

How long does an apprenticeship at Hamburg Süd last?

The duration of an apprenticeship is 2.5 years for those with a university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate and three years for those without.

How and where do the vocational school lessons take place?

Our apprentices usually have block instruction, attending courses in a vocational school twice a year for six weeks each time. They spend the rest of their apprenticeship at Hamburg Süd. Lessons for shipping agents are held at the Berliner Tor vocational school . Digitalization management assistants attend lessons at City Nord vocational school . IT specialists complete their block instruction at ITECH .

After successfully completing my apprenticeship, will it be possible for me to go on to earn a degree while working at Hamburg Süd?

After successfully completing an apprenticeship to become a shipping agent at Hamburg Süd, you can go on to earn your B.Sc. in Shipping, Trade and Transport while on the job. You can find more on this program here . In addition, to those who have graduated high school with a grade average of C or higher, we also offer an opportunity to earn the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences (AKA associate’s degree) during their apprenticeship.

Dual work-study programs

What are the prerequisites for the dual work-study program?

In addition to an above-average university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate, applicants for the B.Sc. in Business Informatics program must pass the NORDAKADEMIE assessment test. For the B.Sc. in International Business at NORDAKADEMIE, proof of English language proficiency (Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL) must also be submitted or, alternatively, a placement test must be taken at NORDAKADMIE. The admission requirement for the B.Sc. in Business Administration at the HSBA is a university or university of applied sciences entrance certificate with an average of 10 points in German, math, and English (equivalent to a B– average in British or American systems).

When can I start my dual work-study program?

Our dual students start on 1 August each year.

How long does a dual work-study program at Hamburg Süd last?

While the program for a B.Sc. in Business Administration last three years, the program for a B.Sc. in Business Informatics lasts 3.5 years.


Whom do I contact if I wish to apply?

Please submit your application documents directly via our applicant portal . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Training Team at Hamburg Süd by writing to:

What happens after I have submitted my application?

We examine every application. If your application arouses our curiosity, we will invite you to attend a selection process along with some other applicants, which will last about half a day. If we are won over by your skills and demeanour, you will be invited to a personal interview. On this basis, we will make a decision regarding your apprenticeship/work-study placement.

General questions

Will various training courses be available to me during the apprenticeship/dual work-study?

Training courses and excursions are an integral and routine part of training at Hamburg Süd. For example, our apprentices and work-study trainees are familiarised with the water police, the terminals and customs authorities.

How much do trainees earn at Hamburg Süd?

Every trainee is entitled to adequate remuneration. For this reason, trainees at Hamburg Süd are paid at rates above the general pay scale. In addition to their wages, trainees receive subsidised meals in the company restaurant, a “ProfiTicket” for the HVV (Hamburg’s public transport company), and a year-end bonus.

Can I choose departments that I would like to work in?

As an apprentice at Hamburg Süd, you will gain detailed insights into a range of departments, depending on the focus of your apprenticeship. If you are particularly interested in a specific area, you can express your wishes to work in it during the last year of your apprenticeship. These wishes will be taken into consideration as much as possible when department assignments are made.

Will I have access to the company restaurant and similar facilities?

The Columbus Grill, as the company restaurant is known, offers employees a wide range of breakfast and lunch options every day. In addition, there are fitness rooms in which employees can switch off from their daily work routine and work out during their lunch break or after work. Besides housing a selection of sports equipment, these rooms are also used for exercise classes. What’s more, we have a cooperative arrangement with Fitness First.

What is appropriate to wear in the office?

Importance is placed on having a neat and well-groomed appearance in the office. It is best to wear something you feel comfortable in at the office.

Are there any restrictions in the building as a result of COVID-19?

Wearing a mask is required throughout the building. You are welcome to take off your mask at your work station. In addition, disinfection dispensers are located throughout the building. Hamburg Süd’s top priority is the safety and well-being of its staff.

If our employees are currently working from home due to the present situation, this naturally also applies to our apprentices and work-study trainees. In this case, getting to know the teams, familiarising yourself with the departments, and supervision will all take place virtually.