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Artistic container

The artistic Hamburg Süd container designed by Jeannine Platz will be traveling around the world from May 25, 2020.

© Florian Schade

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Santa Teresa in Santos
Santa Teresa

The "Santa Teresa" in the Port of Santos.

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Cap San Nicolas

The "Cap San Nicolas" in the South China Sea.

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Monte Olivia

Like her sister ships of the “Monte” class, the “Monte Olivia”, shown here off Paranagua, has 5,500 TEU.

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Monte Pascoal
Monte Rosa

The "Monte Rosa" has 1,365 reefer plugs.

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Rio Bravo

The "Rio Bravo" in Montevideo. She has a slot capacity of 5,900 TEU.

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Santa Rita and Santa Barbara

"Santa Rita" and "Santa Barbara" in the Port of Santos.

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