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Value Protect

With Value Protect , you can protect the value of your cargo against logistics risks during its journey with us. Value Protect provides alternative carriage terms and offers you higher recovery limits for damage claims – at competitive prices and from a single source.

Reefer Guide

The Reefer Guide has been specially designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to every aspect of temperature-controlled transportation. It is an invaluable source of information on such vital topics as recommended temperatures, ideal stowage patterns and optimum product handling prior to shipment.

Reefer Guide
Track & Trace Reporting

Track & Trace Reporting is a new online function on the Hamburg Süd website that allows you to quickly and easily generate individual reports according to various criteria and at any time. Track & Trace Reporting offers you many benefits.

Track&Trace Flyer
Remote Container Management

The next level of reefer transports. Learn more about the optimization of your reefer supply chain.

Reefer Guide
Pharmaceutical shipments

The transportation of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals requires special care. In order to ensure the quality and integrity of pharmaceuticals along the entire supply chain, Hamburg Süd offers a variety of services to its customers.

Precision equals freshness

Find out more about fresh-air circulation and recommendations for ventilation settings for your cargo.

Make your cargo feel good

Ventilation is often confused with air circulation. But while ventilation means exchange of ambient air into the container via vents, circulation is the airflow within the container and through and/or around the cargo. Did you know that too much fresh air can actually harm fresh produce, like pumpkins, onions and seed potatoes during transportation?

Flyer ventilation circulation
Sustainability Report A.P Moller - Maersk 2019
Sustainability Report 2019

You can find all details on the shared sustainability goals of Maersk and Hamburg Süd in the Sustainability Report of A.P. Møller ‒ Maersk A/S.

Out of the Box - Break Bulk and Special Cargo
We think outside the box – Break Bulk and Special Cargo

Hamburg Süd not only transports cargo inside containers – it also has long-standing experience when it comes to Special Cargo and Break Bulk shipments. Large engine parts, transformers, trucks, entire subway trains or yachts – Hamburg Süd transports any type of cargo, whether it fits into a container or not.

Citrus for Export
Cool services for apples

The red or green crunchy apples are a popular and healthy fruit around the globe.
Learn more about how to transport apples in our modern reefer containers.