Joint engagement for a sustainable future

Carbon neutrality by 2050

One of the main causes of global warming are the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide by the industrial, energy, and transportation sectors. The shipping industry is currently responsible for between 2 and 3 percent of global carbon emissions. Hamburg Süd takes responsibility for its ecological impact and, as part of Maersk, pursues the goal of reducing the carbon emissions caused by ocean-going shipping.

We want to satisfy the demands of our customers and business partners for a logistics chain that emits as little CO₂ as possible and that limits the carbon emissions of ocean transportation to a minimum.

With Maersk, we are striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As an interim goal, we aim to have carbon emissions per standard container and kilometer (TEU/km) be 60 percent lower in 2030 than they were in 2008. These targets also apply to all vessels deployed on behalf of Hamburg Süd’s customers.

On the road to carbon neutrality, it will be necessary to decouple corporate growth from carbon emissions – in other words, to achieve growth while significantly and steadily reducing carbon emissions at the same time.


However, increases in energy efficiency alone will not suffice to achieve CO₂ neutrality. Groundbreaking innovations, such as novel fuels and engine technology, will be needed to ensure that the first CO₂-neutral vessels will be operating by 2030 at the latest and that the entire fleet will be converted by 2050.


Driving environmental protection

In addition to reducing climate-harming carbon emissions, sustainable and responsible action for Maersk and Hamburg Süd will also entail reducing sulfur and nitrogen emissions, lowering oil pollution to zero, and having their ships recycled in accordance with binding standards.

Sustainability Report

In addition, the shared sustainability goals of Maersk and Hamburg Süd are incorporated into all due diligence processes. Our business partners are continually monitored to determine if they are complying with the code of conduct we have set forth.

You can find more details on our sustainable development goals in the Sustainability Report of A.P. Møller ‒ Maersk A/S


Together for more sustainability

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