Weekly Operational Update - April 15th – 21st, 2019: North America

(Morristown, NJ)…We would like to provide the most recent information on our vessel, terminal and inland operations within North America. This information is subject to change.

Vessel Operations
Service Vessel Name Details
N. America East Coast, Caribbean «» Australia, New Zealand OLIVIA MAERSK 915 SOUTH Delayed into Charleston due to Emergency Generator failure with expected ETA of April 18th. Further recovery is under review.
N. America East Coast «» Asia SM SEATTLE 916 WEST Delayed due to Shanghai congestion. Recovery under review.
N. America West Coast «» Pacific Islands CAP PAPATELE 915 SOUTH Delayed due to adverse weather in Pacific. Returning to Long Beach on time May 17th.
N. America West Coast «» Australia, New Zealand KOTA EKSPRES 913 SOUTH Vancouver call has been reinstated. ETA to Long Beach is 4/16. Recovery under review.
N. America West Coast «» Australia, New Zealand ANL WARRNAMBOOL 915 SOUTH Delayed due to Sydney labour issues, unable to recover. On time to Auckland May 6th.

Terminal Operations
Port Update
MONTREAL Discussions with the terminal operator in Montreal (MGT) are ongoing to determine how and when reefer containers will start to be drayed to the off-dock rail ramp. To reduce yard congestion, export receiving windows at inland rail ramps for any cargo moving to Montreal will be reduced from 7 to 5 days starting on April 22nd.
BALTIMORE Operational delays are expected due to thunderstorms and windy conditions on April 15th
NORFOLK Operational delays are expected due to thunderstorms and windy conditions on April 15th

Inland Rail Transit Advisories
Location Update
NYC / NJ NYC / NJ Port Rail Facility delays in moving containers from/to the NYC ports have improved. We are utilizing alternative routings where possible.
Midwest: Omaha + Saint Louis 1) Omaha / Council Bluffs Rail - Flooding impact still continues to delay rail moves this week from Omaha /Council Bluffs to the East Coast ports.
2) Saint Louis to NYC (NS Rail) - NS is continuing to route cargo from Saint Louis to/from NYC through Kansas City, due to the Hannibal Subdivision (the normal routing) being closed due to flood damage. Delays of 8-12 hours in rail arrival at NYC from Saint Louis will continue this week as the Hannibal Subdivision remains closed due to extensive reconstruction.
Montreal - CAST Terminal The CAST terminal has been experiencing labor issues and on-terminal congestion which has been impacting import rail departures / rail production. CN Rail continues to have railcars delayed for processing and is working with the terminal and port railroad to improve this situation.
Atlanta Effective Monday 04/15/2019, CSX Rail will be switching the Atlanta Facility Location for the routings to/from Charleston and Savannah. The Atlanta gate is changing from the Hulsey Ramp to the CSX Fairburn Ramp. The Gate Cutoff Times and Availability will not change. The last day to ingate/bill cargo to/from the Hulsey Ramp in Atlanta will be 04/14/2019.

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