Pubic Holiday in Costa Rica

Dear all,

Hamburg Süd Costa Rica offices will be closed for business on Thursday August 15, due the Mother´s Day. We will re-open and resume normal business on Friday August 16.

Kindly make a note of this, plan accordingly, and forward this on to all interested parties.

In case of any urgency matters, please contact the managers mentioned below:

Contact Name Department Mobile Number
Nalina Sankar General Manager 506-7070-2345
Norberto Kobelt General Manager 506-7076-3262
Andrea Carmona RH & Adm Manager 506-7010-4844
Marcus Brusius Finance Manager 506-7070-2342
Achim Menzel Intermodal Manager 506-4545-7171
Luis Diego Aguilar Commercial Manager 506-8888-5601
Leticia Galvez COM Manager 506-7070-2341