China - Shanghai Intermodal Network Service

Hamburg Süd has expanded our intermodal network in Yangtze River Delta region; through reliable linkage and collaboration between Yangshan Port, Waigaoqiao Port and Luchaogang Railway Station. We offer flexible and seamless ocean-water and ocean-rail connection to Suxichang* area in Jiangsu province – No matter what.

* Suxichang includes Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Taicang and other state.

High Capacity | Well-established terminals guarantees a smooth shipping experience

All-in-one | Enjoy a custom-delivery plan with just one simple booking

Efficiency | Integration of mixed transportation modes reduces and ensures the delivery schedule

Sufficient Equipment Supply | Inland / railway pick-up is available at your location

Stability | Hamburg Süd long-term strategic relationship with the terminals assures performance

Hamburg Süd has over 25 offices and agents operated from North to South along the strategic coastal cities in China, our expert with local knowledge can speak your language!

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MARKET MEMO - 中国上海多式联运服务 (PDF, 492 kB)

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