Dear All,

Based on the below information received from HQ, there is no BAF or EFF tariff change in August.

As the period for the monthly trigger has concluded (26 MAY ‘20 to 25 JUNE ‘20), we can now confirm that BAF review is not taking place effective AUGUST 1st .

Here the facts supporting No BAF adjustments:

1. VLSFO bunker price for the period 26 MAY ‘20 to 25 JUNE ‘20 is 295,20 USD/TON while reference price used in our last review for period 26 FEB ‘20 to 25 MAY ’20 was 271,24 USD/TON. This means an increase in fuel price of 23,97 USD/TON

Although there is an increase on bunker price, the trigger is not hit as the difference with previous period (when BAF was adjusted) is not more than or less than 50 USD/TON

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EFF will remain at Zero for AUGUST 2020