“Maersk Eindhoven“ Voyage 103N Encounters Harsh Weather - Trans-Pacific Service

(Florham Park, NJ)… We regret to inform you that the vessel “Maersk Eindhoven“ experienced an engine stop in harsh weather near Japan on the February 17, 2021, while en route from Xiamen, China, to Los Angeles, California.

Our preliminary reports indicate that a number of containers have been lost overboard. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the visibility into which of our customers’ containers have been lost or damaged. We are awaiting further updates from the vessel regarding potentially lost or damaged containers and will share the details once available. All crew members have been reported to be safe and the ship’s propulsion has been restored.

Our local customer experience teams will be reaching out to your organization to inform you of further details. We will prioritize calling customers where containers may have been lost or sustained potential damage. We ask you to bear with us as we receive more details surrounding the status of the vessel and cargo.

We are currently assessing nearest suitable port options in Asia to berth the vessel and will keep you informed of the port location decision and timing.

We apologize for the inconvenience this incident may cause to your business. Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.