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Specials & Seasonal Services

Our Asia–Europe/Mediterranean Network

Hamburg Süd is pleased to advise customers about our revised Asia–Europe/Mediterranean network commencing end of March 2019.

Paita Peak Season 2018

This additional call provides our Peruvian exporters with the fastest, most reliable direct service to the North American East Coast for the Fresh Grapes and Mango season.

Hamburg Süd Fruit Season 2019

During the fruit season to the USA 2019 Hamburg Süd offers dedicated seasonal services, e.g. the Patagonia fruit service (SAEX – SAN ANTONIO) between San Antonio Este and the transshipment port of Santos or the twice-a-week-service from Río de la Plata to Santos.

Cool services for apples

The red or green crunchy apples are a popular and healthy fruit around the globe.
Learn more about how to transport apples in our modern reefer containers.

Citrus for Export