Detention in Transit by Hamburg Süd
  • In times of high uncertainty, such as COVID-19, customers see the need for more flexibility in their supply chain, to speed up or slow down time to market
  • Detention in Transit is a solution offered by Hamburg Süd to support customers to better manage demand fluctuations

COVID-19 and its effects on societies and the global economy is causing disruptions in the supply chains of many companies these days, with unforeseen business closures, warehouse constraints and changing buying patterns. With this sudden change in the business environment, we are aware that our customers experience an increased need for a variety of storage options and more flexibility in their supply chain planning, as capacity in warehouses and storage facilities at origin and destination is becoming more limited. We are determined to support you through this crisis in any way we can.

Detention in Transit is a product that lets customers temporarily store their containers in a dedicated transhipment port for up to 14 days, allowing for a slowdown of cargo flows and more flexibility in managing storage constraints and demand fluctuations.

This solution offers several benefits:

  • Manage warehouse constraints and relieve pressure on storage facilities
  • Reduce costs related to warehousing and additional D&D
  • Position your cargo closer to your key markets
  • Slowed inflow of cargo to manage demand fluctuations
  • A team of dedicated Hamburg Süd colleagues as a single point of contact

The way it works is quite simple:

Step 1: At the time of booking, notify your Hamburg Süd Customer Service representative that you need Detention in Transit for the transshipment port in your booking.
Step 2: Your Hamburg Süd Customer Service representative will confirm operational feasibility and reply with acceptance and corresponding price and terms upon confirmation.
Step 3: Once your cargo arrives in the transshipment port, we will hold the cargo for up to 14 days.
Step 4: Your cargo will be loaded to continue its journey to final delivery after it ends the specified stay in the port.

Our global network gives you access to a range of transhipment ports to store your cargo at standard conditions.

  • Far East Asia, Oceania or South Africa main hubs: Hong Kong, Busan, Singapore and Tanjung Pelepas.
  • Latin America hubs: Balboa, Cartagena (SPRC), Santos and Manzanillo (MIT).

For the availability of other transhipment ports or any other information you may require, your Hamburg Süd Customer Service and Sales representatives are there for you at all times.

In times of crisis it’s important to count on trusted partners. Hamburg Süd stands by your side to help you get through it.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local customer service or Sales representative .

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April 23, 2020