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With “Personalized Notifications”, you will now be able to define the temperature deviation in the refrigerated container at which you would like to receive a notification.
For reefer transports exactly as planned: Hamburg Süd launches “Personalized Notifications,” a new premium feature of Remote Container Management

With the new premium feature “Personalized Notifications”, you will now be able to define the temperature deviation in the refrigerated container at which you would like to receive a notification.

When transporting sensitive reefer cargo, it is important to maintain the cold chain at all times and to precisely match the conditions inside the refrigerated container to the requirements of the cargo. In fact, with particularly sensitive fresh products, even minor temperature deviations can adversely affect the quality and shelf life – and, thus, the value – of the products.

In the basic version of Remote Container Management (RCM) that has been available to you so far, you are notified as soon as the temperature deviates from the specified tolerance values. With the new premium feature “Personalized Notifications,” the tolerance values can now also be individually defined and, depending on the requirements of your goods, they can be made much narrower or wider.

You will be notified by Captain Peter, the virtual assistant of Remote Container Management, according to your personal wishes if the temperature in the reefer container deviates from the parameters you have specified – for reefer transports exactly as you planned them. “By using the premium feature ‘Personalized Notifications’, you will receive tailor-made information for your reefer cargo and boost transparency for the entire supply chain according to your individual requirements,” explains Michaela Steineker, Head of Reefer Competence at Hamburg Süd.

Take advantage of the benefits of “Personalized Notifications”:

  • Customized: You define for yourself at which temperature deviation in the refrigerated container you wish to be notified.
  • Safe: You determine after which period of time you are to be notified about a temperature deviation, which will allow you to react quickly if necessary.
  • Transparent: You boost the transparency for the entire supply chain
  • State-of-the-Art: The “Personalized Notifications” functionalities will be continuously expanded and tailored to the needs of our customers.

The new premium offering for Remote Container Management

“Personalized Notifications” has been available in the new premium version of Remote Container Management since May 1, 2020. This offers you several more advantages, such as 24/7 chat support, unlimited easy sharing of container details, and options to download data. Take a look at this chart – and see the benefits for yourself:

To read the entire content of the table, please swipe left/right on your device. The size of the table varies depending on the orientation of the device.
Feature Basic Premium
Container overview
Container stats (data graphs and journey log)
Unlimited users
Share container details limited to 5 containers / month Unlimited
Notifications standard personalized
Support email 24/7 chat
Data download
Price / month $ 0 $ 10 / container (for all shipped reefer containers / month)
Maximum / year $ 0 $ 20,000

Be part of the future of reefer transport: All reefer containers used by Hamburg Süd are equipped with state-of-the-art Remote Container Management. This technology enables real-time monitoring of the temperature as well as the humidity, CO2 and oxygen levels in the refrigerated container. Learn more about the advantages of Remote Container Management on our reefer page .

You would like to use Remote Container Management, or you are already using RCM and would like to benefit from the advantages of the premium version? Just log in on our RCM platform and stay connected to your reefer cargo.

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May 4, 2020