Improved organization for even better service

Recent months have clearly shown what truly matters when the going gets tough: being decisive, solution-oriented, and reliable. Hamburg Süd has always strived to embody precisely these values – we listen to our customers and are always focused on their needs and how we can assist them. From October 1 on, we will further strengthen Hamburg Süd’s brand promises while simultaneously offering new benefits to our customers.

Hamburg Süd is and will remain closely by your side: Our customers will continue to be served by their known local Hamburg Süd sales and customer service teams who will be supported by a recently established Extended Management Team in Hamburg. It will further increase Hamburg Süd’s flexibility in responding to changing market trends as well as its agility and speed to market in the development of new products and innovative solutions.
Our customers will also benefit from the fact that Hamburg Süd’s global functional setup will be further harmonized with that of Maersk, which will enable us to respond to our customers’ requests even faster and more effectively.

Our customers receive solutions with added value: We will generate and pool capacities to enhance the range of services and products we offer – while always focusing on our customers’ needs. They will benefit from the fact that within the Maersk Group, we will be able to offer an expanded product range along the end-to-end transport chain. This will make our customized transport solutions even more comprehensive and better – and customers will receive everything from a single source mitigating friction in the transport chain.

Our customers can rely on the quality of a strong brand: Going forward, Hamburg Süd will remain firmly anchored in local markets. Trusting relations with customers stretching back years as well as personal contact persons close by with a deep understanding of and expertise in your industry – nothing about that will change, either.

To summarize the above: nothing will change for our customers, except that they will get an even better product from us with the typical persona service of Hamburg Süd.

Your questions – our answers
Since you may still have questions about the changes at Hamburg Süd, we have already compiled for you a list of the most important questions and answers, which is found below. Should you still have any unanswered questions after reading the Q&As, your usual contact person on the Hamburg Süd Sales or Customer Service team will be happy to assist you at any time.

Has COVID-19 had any influence in making this decision?
This decision has not been driven by the coronavirus. The goal is to offer a better product and customer experience. However, the coronavirus has proved that many customers prefer to rely on a partner who can offer and who controls as many parts of the transport chain as possible – just like the Maersk Group. We are taking these steps to be able to deliver this frictionless and seamless experience to our customers at all times.

Will the new global functional setup change my contacts at Hamburg Süd? Will Hamburg Süd continue to have its own offices?
Hamburg Süd is also a strong brand in container logistics within the Maersk Group – with its own sales and customer service organizations. This will not change going forward, which means that the new setup will also not change your usual and often long-standing contact person. Hamburg Süd will also continue to have its own offices.

Will Hamburg Süd continue to offer its own range of products and services?
A fundamental goal of the adjustments is to simplify and, above all, speed up the necessary coordination efforts and processes across all brands. This will enable us to focus on your business even more strongly and to generate the greatest-possible added value for you by designing and offering precisely the products you need. Meanwhile, the Hamburg Süd brand will continue to offer its own specific range of products and services, which are specially tailored to the needs of our customers. But, at the same time, it will be even easier for us to develop additional solutions for you along the entire supply chain.

Will anything change about the contract terms?
There will not be any changes for our customers with regard to existing agreements or contracts. You will now benefit from an even more efficient, faster, and more flexible range of products and services.

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September 1, 2020