Good news for Hamburg Süd services between South America West Coast and the Caribbean to Europe services

Starting in January 2020, we will be offering you improved services between South America West Coast and the Caribbean to Europe. Our customers will continue to benefit from the most efficient and reliable network in the market, fast transit times and wide coverage in these trades.

SAWC 1 (CLX) (first northbound sailing: January 17 in San Antonio)

- The SAWC 1 offers the best-in-class connection between North Europe (including British, Nordic and Baltic ports), the Caribbean and South America West Coast (Chile and Peru).
- Our reefer customers, in particular, will benefit from an optimized rotation on the Chilean coast and thereby improved transit times.
- The Port of Santa Maria will continue to be called at as part of the ECUBEX service.

ECUBEX (first northbound sailing: January 13 in Guayaquil)

- The ECUBEX service offers you a direct, fast and reliable connection from North Europe to Mexico (Veracruz, Altamira, Progreso).
- The transit time from Guayaquil (Ecuador) to North Europe has been shortened by eliminating the call at Puerto Bolivar.

ECUMED (first sailing: January 12 in Guayaquil)

- The rotation of the ECUMED service will remain the same.
- By increasing the slot and reefer container capacity, we will now be able to meet your requirements even better.
- In addition, we will offer a fast connection to Italy via a direct feeder service from Algeciras and Tangier. The WMCS service will be discontinued.

EMCS (first sailing: January 3 in Puerto Moín)

- The EMCS will continue to offer you an optimal connection between Central America and North Europe with direct connections from Belize and Costa Rica (Puerto Moín).
- Going forward, the direct connection from North Europe to Mexico will be offered on the ECUBEX service.

All new service highlights at a glance:

  • fast and direct connection from Chile (San Antonio) to the most important North European ports in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany
  • fast and direct connection from Ecuador (Guayaquil) to North Europe
  • state-of-the-art ships with high reefer slot capacity, which call at the most important reefer terminals in North Europe
  • an extensive regional feeder network linking the most important ports on West Coast South America, the Caribbean and Central America via the hubs of Cartagena, Manzanillo and Balboa
  • best-in-class direct connections with fastest transit times from key ports in North Europe/Britain to Mexico (Veracruz, Altamira, Progreso)

You can find an overview of the new service setups here. Our customer service colleagues will be happy to assist you should you have any questions.

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January 6, 2020