RCM – the game changer for reefer transports is now available

Do you regularly ship fruits or other sensitive goods? Do you wonder what happens to your goods during transport inside the reefer container? Would you like to have an overview of the conditions inside the container and access data on temperature, CO₂, O₂ and humidity levels? RCM is the way to go!

From now on you can use the new Remote Container Management (RCM) technology for your reefer container shipments. RCM monitors parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, and the concentrations of O₂ and CO₂ within the reefer container in real time and along the whole transport chain. With this data you can monitor your supply chain much better and it gets more transparent, efficient and reliable, and you thereby leverage great potential for cost savings. As a special feature the data of the cargo probes for Cold Treatment cargo are available online.

The whole reefer container fleet of Hamburg Süd and Maersk has been outfitted with the necessary technology. Recent months have been spent carrying out test shipments and developing the digital customer interface. The result is an intuitive, very user-friendly online application that can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone, and that conveniently displays all important parameters of the refrigerated container.

Once you have registered/logged in, you will receive an overview of the booked reefer containers as well as information on ports of departure and destination, container numbers and vessel names. The “Journey Log” shows all the important events of the container transport, such as delivery to the terminal or loading onto and discharging from the ship. You can view the data on the conditions within the containers at any time and, with just a few clicks, download it as an Excel list or forward it directly, for example, to the recipient of the goods. What’s more, you get notified if settings are deviating from standard parameters. If critical limit values are exceeded or not maintained, our operations team also receives an alarm notification so that they can take any measures necessary to safeguard quality of the cargo.

If you have any questions about your current shipments or the application itself, you can immediately get in touch with reefer experts at any time 24/7 via a chat function. “With RCM, we are combining the best of both worlds for our reefer customers: digital state-of-the-art technology, which is already tailored as much as possible to individual requirements, in addition to a personal service that can be accessed at any time,” says Frank Smet, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hamburg Süd.

With 380,000 reefer containers, Hamburg Süd and Maersk offer the largest reefer fleet in the industry. This ensures availability of RCM technology worldwide for our customers.

You directly want to start? Login with your current Hamburg Süd user ID or register here: www.remotecontainermanagement.com/login

More info: www.hamburgsud.com/reefer

Video: That's how RCM works

Our customer service colleagues will be happy to assist you should you have any questions.

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January 9, 2020