Split B/L: Hamburg Süd Web SI offers new feature for more flexibility when sending shipping instructions

We are continuously expanding our eCommerce functionalities for you. Effective immediately, you can benefit from an enhancement to our web shipping instruction (SI) solution.

Using the new “Split B/L” function, you will now be able to generate several SIs for each booking. This represents a significant improvement that offers more flexibility, as it was previously impossible to generate several SIs for a single booking when using the basic function.

What’s more, the new function is very easy to use: First decide how many shipping instructions you would like to generate for your booking. Then use drag & drop to assign containers to a shipping instruction. You can also use copy & paste to copy entries from one SI to another. Lastly, you can choose whether to send your SIs individually or in bundles.

As a registered user, you can register to use the function in the eCommerce section of the Hamburg Süd website and then begin using it immediately. Are you already a registered user of Hamburg Süd eCommerce? If not, click here to register.

Should you have any questions about the Split B/L function or any of our other eCommerce offerings, please feel free to contact your local Hamburg Süd office.

October 7, 2020