United States East Coast to South America West Coast Service - “JPO Capricornus” voy 3S Omission of San Antonio Port Call

(Morristown, New Jersey)…Please be advised that stevedores in the port of San Antonio, Chile are on strike. In order to maintain proforma schedule, the “JPO Capricornus” voy 3S will bypass the port of San Antonio.

Cargo destined for the port of San Antonio will be discharged in the port of Valparaiso.

Please note the below updated arrival dates:

“JPO Capricornus” voy 3S original arrival dates:

  • * San Antonio - September 8
  • * San Vicente – September 10

“JPO Capricornus” voy 3S revised arrival dates:

  • * San Antonio – Omit
  • * San Vicente - September 10
  • * Valparaiso - September 13