United States East Coast to North Europe - "MSC Kleven" v. 725 E - Savannah Omission

(Morristown, N.J.)…In an effort to regain her pro-forma schedule, the “MSC Kleven” v. 725 E will omit Savannah. Cargo out of Savannah to Antwerp, Felixstowe, Bremerhaven, and Le Havre can instead load onto the “MSC Spain” v. 726 E. Cargo destined to Rotterdam would instead load on the following week’s vessel, the “Maersk Kawasaki” v. 726 E. Schedule information is as follows:

“MSC Spain” v. 726E

Port Arrival/Departure
Savannah July 5th
New York July 7-8th
Bremerhaven July 17-18th
Felixstowe July 19-20th
Antwerp July 20-21st
Le Havre July 22-23rd

“Maersk Kawasaki” v. 726E

Port Arrival/Departure
Savannah July 11th
Rotterdam July 26-27th

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.