United States East Coast to North Europe - “Maersk Seletar” v. 730 W – Felixstowe Omission

(Morristown, N.J.)…In an effort to regain her pro-forma schedule, the “Maersk Seletar” v. 730 W will omit Felixstowe. Felixstowe import cargo will discharge in Antwerp to connect to the “Maersk Kure” 731 W.

Felixstowe export cargo will instead load onto the “Maersk Essen” v. 730 E and move to Le Havre to connect onto the “Maersk Seletar” v. 730 W.

Updated schedule details are as follows:

Port Original Arrival/Departure Revised Arrival/Departure
Felixstowe July 26 – 27 August 1 – 2
Antwerp July 27 – 28 July 29 – 30
Le Havre July 29 – 30 July 30 – 31

She is expected to be back on her pro-forma schedule upon arrival in New York on August 7th.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.